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Shanea grimes dating

She wants him to reclaim his virginity and he does it for her, but ends up sleeping with Paige.Spinner texts Marco for advice, telling him he had sex with Paige.He takes an interest in her, but is shocked when he learns what The Friendship Club is.He soon accepts it and becomes a born-again Christian.In Redemption Song, The Friendship Club has a picnic near a creek, and Darcy wears a bikini (which Spinner had earlier teased her about).

In High Fidelity (1), it is revealed that Spinner has had sex with Manny before and lied to Darcy about being a virgin, which hurts her.

Darcy was best friends with Jane Vaughn and Manny Santos, and good friends with Emma Nelson and Chantay Black. Darcy entered Degrassi as a sweet and innocent girl who was best known for her association with Degrassi's Christian group, known as the Friendship Club.

She was enemies with Paige Michalchuk, Jay Hogart, Johnny Di Marco, Mia Jones and Holly J. However, as the seasons went on, her character has progressed and revealed a wild streak.

He makes a comment about her being the new girl and she corrected him, saying she preferred to be called Darcy, and he sprays her with water. In Modern Love, Darcy is seen at Emma's girls' night out with Chantay Black and Manny Santos when they meet Chester, Emma's new neighbor.

In Islands In The Stream, she helps Rick feel better about not receiving any kisses from girls when he and Toby had a contest, not knowing about Rick's past. In Secret (1), Darcy was given the lead part in Liberty and J. Darcy helps comfort Emma Nelson when the whole school learned about her involvement in the STD outbreak at school and got revenge on Chester for disrespecting Emma.

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