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Sexs pogeb cina

White: China holds a spectrum of colors when it comes to mourning.

At the burial, people who attend the funeral may be given a white towel to wipe away any perspiration. Following the funeral everyone who attended must burn the clothes they wore to the service.

Slijedi kratka kronologija povijesti LGBT-a koja prati povijesni razvoj i značajne događaje u povijesti homoseksualnosti, biseksualnosti i rodnog identiteta.

Popis također daje pregled razvoja društvene prihvatljivosti, promjena u terminologiji i temeljite promjene u zakonu, kao i pojedinačne događaje koji su doveli do promjena u zakonu u različitim zemljama.

However, in India brown is also a color of mourning.

During the period of mourning family of the deceased wears a piece of cloth on their arm for 100 days.Many will wear white throughout the mourning period.Widows in India are permitted to only wearing white for the rest of their lives.Families that hold tight to tradition may wear the cloth for nearly three years following the death in the family.Seven days after the death, the departed’s spirit is believed to return home.

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Zakaj se na porokah nosi bela oziroma svetla oblačila. No sicer pa novodobna mladina kontrira vsem navadam in običajem in so zmožna tudi v črnini se poročit.

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