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Rsvp christian dating

If it happens once or twice you might think nothing of it but I have been robbed of at least 20 stamps like this. A am a female and feel EXACTLY the same - fake male profiles, you send off kisses and get no replies.

Then when you do and buy stamps to make contact, they reply once (hence you don't get your stamp back) then disappear! I have used RSVP on and off for a long time now (over 5 years), great place to pick up short term relationships and cheap for punters like myself.

You can turn off auto-renewal via the settings in your i Tunes account.

Latest Review: All you need for this site is a valid email address, whats stopping someone from making multiple profiles with different email addresses, Answer... Latest Review: We have used the site to find other couples and advertise events that we have run.

They advise they do not share members details with Facebook, however have been unable to provide me with a satisfactory answer to this breach of my privacy and security. After contacting RSVP support I was finally told it was because of their "security feature." An IT security consultant by trade, several emails to RSVP remain unanswered.

RSVP, Australia's largest dating site, was founded Valentine's Day in 1997.80% of women are single mums which I try to avoid but hey if they are hot why not!For the cost of 24 stamps you are pretty much guaranteed 3 to 4 fun times.RSVP gets a lot of things right, from how the dating site is organized to the email and messaging tools they offer for communication between members.Searching is easy and offers all of the important attributes needed, including filtering out any members who have not signed onto the dating site for a period of time.

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We have found the site easy to use and to navigate.