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Post dating checks in quickbooks

If you created your data file using the Express Start option you might need to enable the features as discussed in the earlier section “Preferences That Affect Accounts Payable” of this chapter.

If you are ready to work in your own data file, make sure you have created your new file as discussed in Chapter 1.

However, by choosing The purchasing controls and warnings provided in Quick Books make using the accounts payable process a smart choice for your company.

I recommend that you do, especially if you follow the instructions in the preceding tip.If you choose to use the purchase order transaction, you will need to create items.Items are a list of the products or services you sell to customers or purchase from vendors.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Scott Gregory is a specialist with Quick Books Pro, Premier, and Enterprise software.He can help iron out your trouble spots with Quick Books before you take a hammer to it!

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To take advantage of the many customer and job profitability reports, you must enter your expenses using the Items tab on an accounts payable bill (and use the same process for the check transaction), as shown in Figure 7.11.