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The method discourages competitive attitudes between players, and advocates collaboration and mutual encouragement for those of every ability and level.

However, this does not mean the elimination of auditions or evaluations of student performances.

To support learning by ear, students are expected to listen to recordings of the music they are learning daily.

The method aims to create an environment for learning music which parallels the linguistic environment of acquiring a native language.

These components include: This includes attending local classical music concerts, developing friendships with other music students, and listening to recordings of professional musicians in the home every day, starting before birth if possible.

Suzuki believed that teachers who test for musical aptitude before taking students, or who look only for "talented" students, are limiting themselves to people who have already started their music education.

He pioneered the idea that preschool age children could learn to play the violin if the learning steps were small enough and the instrument was scaled down to fit their body.

He modeled his method, which he called "Talent Education" , after his theories of natural language acquisition.

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The Suzuki method does not include a formal plan or prescribe specific materials for introducing music theory & reading, in part because Suzuki created the method in a culture where music literacy was routinely taught in schools.