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A micro USB port charges the Cam Buddy’s internal battery.

Since the hot-shoe option is only for mounting, two slits in the rubber casing and a strip of Velcro will hold the Cam Buddy to a tripod’s leg or handle.

Some crowd-funded gadgets never come to light — or really aren’t what they were cracked up to be in the first place.

The Cam Buddy Pro hit Indiegogo in the fall with the promise of being the only all-in-one camera trigger out there.

As a Wi-Fi remote, Wi-Fi tether, intervalometer, and trigger for light, sound, and motion, the gadget quickly surpassed the funding goal and now sits at nearly three quarters of a million dollars in funding.

A fan of gadgets that pull double duty while taking up less space and less cash, like my five-in-one reflector, I was intrigued by the Cam Buddy from the get-go.

Outside of being able to control the sensitivity without the guesswork, the app allows you to choose between single shots or a burst of images, whether to delay that shot after light is detected, and whether the Cam Buddy should trigger the camera’s shutter or a flash.

The Cam Buddy’s intervalometer automates time lapses.

Pairing the two devices works simply enough; just find the Cam Buddy in your phone’s wireless settings, type in the default password, then head to the app to finish connecting.

I did have some trouble getting that first connection, but a quick reset with the inset button at the back of the Cam Buddy fixed the issue.

While the feature is built-in to many cameras (including mine), the app puts the controls onto a smartphone for setting up time lapses remotely or simply adding the feature to a camera that doesn’t have it built-in.

Shooting a time lapse with the Cam Buddy is straightforward.

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Besides having to actually locate the cord that came with my DSLR, the physical connection was easy — the ports are labeled.

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