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You buy large quantity, and the freight cost per unit will be less. LCL, less than container load, which means your goods and other importers’ goods consolidating together from the same loading port to the same destination port.You buy the just right quantity suitable for your specific target market. A FCL may load LCLs like this: Your cargo must be sufficiently protected, from the factory to a loading port warehouse, and stacked in a container for up to a month. If not, advise the seller to add into the papers to avoid any further confusion even dispute. Based on the incoterm you select, you can let the supplier handle the goods transportation to Commonly, you can find the term states clearly in the Proforma Invoice or Quote Sheet provided by the seller.Not only the physical in-out, but also complicated shipping documents. Location: Shanghai Municipality, East Coast Website: Situated at the tip the of the Yangtze River delta, enjoys the most economically developed hinterland in China, and can extend its reach further to the interior provinces via river ports along the thousands-mile-long waterway.The unit LCL freight price should be higher than unit FCL. There are innumerable factories of neighbouring Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.When it comes to shipping from China, CFC has been proud in this freight forwarding industry for more than 20 years, and is good at providing ocean cargo services for small and medium companies as well as individuals all over the world. If the shipment is to Amazon FBA warehouse, select EXW.

A product price is always quoted according to an Incoterm.

For example, A-seller quoted EXW while B-seller quoted FOB .5, it doesn’t mean the price from B-seller is not more competitive than A-seller.* Most suppliers will quote EXW or FOB price at the beginning, and are flexible in providing different price based on different term upon your request.

When you compare prices from several suppliers, make sure they are based on the same term.

Sometimes if fluid goods are packed by a flexible container bag, it can also be delivery by standard DC.20’GP is designed to carry . While you can load more than double the 20ft cargo volume into a 40ft, you cannot load double the 20ft cargo weight into a 40ft.

The ocean rates from China for a 40′ container is less than double of a 20′ container – you may take it as rough 1.5 times for easy reference.

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Then to a discharge port warehouse, and finally on a truck to you.

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