Dating a girl from a rich family

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The wimpy sort will have rich in-laws and a wife that run all over him I'm afraid.But if he's his own man and takes some pride in that he'll likely do fine. Not to tell him what to do or anything, but to give him food for thought so that he can begin to prepare himself for what kind of life to expect as a member of her family.But look at it this way, if they love each other and they can provide a comfort like this for them, chances that they will have any kind of financial hardship is very slim.We always want the best for our kids but if something comes along and allows them to not have to worry at least until they get their education, then let them go ahead and spoil them LOL And too, it's THEIR daughter, they aren't doing this solely for the benefit of your son, he's just a participant. If your son is happy, she is happy the parents are happy, then be happy. I come from a different culture and it's not uncommon for friends/family members to have such things happen to them.I guess I worry that my son will be "kept", and end up in a less than 50-50 partnership.You know your son, is he a wimpy sort or more of a guys guy who likes to take charge of his life?Time and time again you hear it from the mouths of countless females across the globe.

Suggest he share with her now how they should decide ahead of time what the rules for accepting money from the parents should be.To be honest, its best that money is never lent to family members. It all comes down to the maturity of everyone involved.While some have done it and are successful in paying it back without any problems, most of the time it leads to a lot of bickering and problems. If it helps, I have a 20 yr old son, he's often meeting girls that come from wealthy families.The old "well we bought you this and that, so you owe us" adage comes to mind. I get where you're coming from, it's a pride thing.You didn't raise your kids with silver spoons, and don't agree with "giving" children everything - right?

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Well, it could have happened if they were truck drivers too. They will keep what's theirs and your son will have gotten a great gift.

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