Cheryl tweedy and ashley cole dating

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True or not, Walton had the nation wondering if she could really be making it up when she revealed that the footballer threw up – twice – during their alleged night of, err, passion.

February 2008 Cheryl spends Valentine’s Day in Thailand with bandmates Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh .

November 2009 Speculation that all is not well chez Cole starts to swirl again as Cheryl appears on The X Factor two nights in a row without her wedding ring .

February 2010 After four more women come forward claiming to have bedded Mr Cole and his sex text scandal kicks off, he’s branded a serial cheat.

"It's funny- those who didn't understand my actions at the time have now had that happen to them and they get it," she explained."A friend of mine told me her husband was having an affair and she said,'I understand everything that must have been going through your head.

May 25 2010 Cheryl files for divorce at London’s High Court.

September 3 2010 It’s all over – Cheryl and Ashley’s divorce is to be finalised today , but neither of them will be attending court themselves.

Amid claims that Ashley is jealous of the attention Cheryl’s pal Will. Am is paying her, she calls in the divorce lawyers.

As Easter approaches, the latest to emerge from the Ashley camp is that he’s putting together a ‘memory book’ of marriage mementos to win his woman back.

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Four years after they wed, Cheryl filed for divorce after it was claimed the footballer had been unfaithful.

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